About Me

Welcome to my website! This is the home of a few projects I’ve done and even more that are as yet unfinished. You’ll also (eventually) find a collection of musings on said projects, though this falls into the latter category. I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2019, where I focused on understanding and modeling intelligent agents, receiving a BA in Cognitive Science with a Physics minor. In my education, I have had the fortune to study Computer Vision, Developmental Artificial Intelligence, Motion Planning, and Machine Learning and draw connections to Behavioral, Affective, and Cognitive Neuroscience. Professionally, I’ve written code to guide novice users through complex tasks for NASA and to probe human memory with electrical stimulation of the human brain for the Computational Memory Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. I currently reside in Boulder, where I’m seeking openings in Scientific Programming, Simulation, and Data Engineering.

Python is my most used language with C#, C++, and Javascript all featuring to some extent in various projects. Starting with an Arduino as a teenager, I’ve built a familiarity with programming for embedded platforms up through distributed HPC clusters. My more recent work has left the world of embedded systems and focused on data acquisition, management, and analysis, but I still find ways to return to the world of flipping bits on occasion. The last year has seen me learn web development, of which this website is a result, and start to investigate the motivations for the designs of the programming languages I have learned up until now. As I dive farther into language esoterica, Rust is quickly overtaking Python and C++ as my favorite language for many projects, so I hope to feature some projects using Rust in the near future.

Aside from professional pursuits, I am a classical guitarist and have recently been delving into the world of guitar synthesis. I’m always looking out for new books to read—The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and The Imaginary Corpse both hold special places in my heart—and have been known to run a D&D session or two. Out here in Boulder, I am often out hiking or learning how to take climbing out of the gym and into the outdoors. I also hold an abiding fascination with computer graphics and simulation, which has led me to dip my toe into the world of 3D modeling, physically based rendering, fluid simulation, and all things procedural.

Featured Projects

A smattering of projects from both school and personal time. I'm still writing these up and polishing these projects for 'publication,' so check back soon to see what I'm up to! For now, most of these projects are available in their current rough state on my github page.

LBG Stippling

Project Page

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation

Project Page

Ray Tracing

Project Page